FOUNDRY “RETOOLED” now available on iTunes!

We completed the album artwork for the new FOUNDRY album. It’s called “RETOOLED” and it’s a brand new take on some Steve Carlesi (Program Director for “The Opie & Anthony Show” on XM Radio) classic hits from the early 1990s. Steve was a session man for bands like Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and Weird Al Yankovic.

No he wasn’t. But he did lay the groundwork for quite a few songs that would later go on to be rerecorded by Rich DeCicco! And for that we can all be grateful!

(It’s only four dollars.)

It’s really nice to have finally created an album cover after so many years.


During a recent shoot down in Long Branch, NJ there was a real need for a reflector. A big one. I wasn’t going to spend a ton of money on something that’s nothing more than a collapsible mirror.

Ended up spending a whole $7.00 on a . It’s approximately 30″ x 70″. Silver on one side. White foam on the other. Worked like a charm.

Paradise Bikini photoshoot

"before and after" shot of Nicole

Last Sunday morning I was hired to take photos for in Long Branch, NJ at Pier Village. It was an overcast day, but we managed to shoot for one hour between rain showers. Everyone worked quickly to run down the shot list Valerie set out to accomplish.

Overcast on the beach is cool for a couple reasons. 1.) It makes it more comfortable for everyone involved if the sun isn’t beating down. 2.) The light is even across the subject and background

One major drawback is the color saturation takes a hit. Grey isn’t complimenting the model’s skin tone or the perception of our beautiful New Jersey shore.

Here’s where my sunrise taken from Lavallette, NJ comes in. The perspective matched the original shot of Nicole, but looked a million times better. The ocean was less choppy during sunrise and certainly had more color.

Fast forward through some painstaking Photoshop work and here you have a lovely composite of Nicole at sunrise.

FOUNDRY album cover concept


A while back Steve Carlesi was in a band called FOUNDRY. They recorded an album that got a lot of play years later on “The Opie &  Anthony Show” on XM Radio. Then Rich DeCicco got his hands on the songs and rerecorded them.  This is an album cover concept for that rerecorded album.  The final version will have a distressed vinyl record look. Remember vinyl, kids? Sure you do.