Victor-Victrola record player…still works!

I love old stuff that still works. There is so much garbage manufactured these days. Will your iPad work in 100 years? Probably not. Modern devices are simply not treasured. The Victor-Victrola in my parents basement is a fine example of quality craftsmanship. To our knowledge it has never been serviced or repaired and it still works. Everything is either wood or metal. The audio quality coming from the simple cabinet body impresses. I’m curious to try some of my more modern vinyl on the turntable.


Photo shoot at Studio 212 with Daisy Kwayke and Heather Dorian

to shoot some female models. There is a giant cyclorama wall and lots of props and sets to choose from. Our two models were and . I highly recommend both of them for being professional and keeping in touch with me during the planning of the shoot. Makeup was provided by .

I ventured out of our usual room and checked out other spaces throughout the building. I saw the freight elevator and it was stuck open. This is the classic elevator that has bare metal walls and a cage door that comes down from above.

I rented the Canon 50mm f/1.4 from and it performed flawlessly. The reviews for the lens seem to be half and half, but I found the focus to be spot on even in the darkened elevator. (I will likely purchase the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 because it has a smoother focus ring and a slightly sharper image when shot wide open.)

Here are just a few teaser shots: