Two Peas In A Manfrotto Monopod

Usually I shoot video using a tripod instead of a monopod, but lately I’ve been working in close quarters, and the tripod legs were getting in the way. Manfrotto produces a very  and I already love using it. Quick to extend and a very solid piece of equipment. It’s also great if you’re a pirate and termites got to your wooden leg. Pop this baby into place. Try gnawing through aluminum ya scurvy bugs!

Photo Shoot with Dana Zipkin

Dana Zipkin needed new photos for her web site. Dana happens to be a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant and you can learn more about her on . She also happens to be the lady that married Lindsay and myself. Downtown Nutley, New Jersey served as our backdrop. The photos of Dana sitting on the steps have been nicknamed “The Huxtable Look” because they remind us of the surburban dwelling on “The Cosby Show”.

The photos on the steps were taken just before the sun had completely set, so I brought back some daylight by adding an orange gel to my flash. For other locations, we embraced .