Mamiya 645 PRO medium format camera

I sold a couple of my Holga cameras and made way for a Mamiya 645 PRO. I’ve never shot with a Mamiya before and tomorrow I’ll be taking some shots at a wedding with it. Here’s to success!

My decision to buy a Mamiya was due in part to reading Annie Leibovitz’s “At Work” book while on a recent vacation. She had kind words to say about her equipment of choice. If Mamiya is good enough for artists like Annie Leibovitz and Herb Ritts, then Mamiya is good enough for me.


Tips for Buying/Using a New Camera

In this video I give a few tips on buying a new camera and exploring the world of photography. It’s not as easy as buying an expensive camera and suddenly becoming a “professional”. Learn the craft. That’s how your work takes shape and stands out from the crowd.

And, yes, I do say “uh” and “um” a lot in this video. I did it in one take, so I’m pretty proud of that. Ha ha! In the future, I promised less “uhs” and “uhms”.