1st Annual Danny Nolan Golf Outing

on behalf of my Uncle Danny. He passed away earlier this year and he loved sports, so this was a very good idea to celebrate his memory. Somewhere in the cosmos he is pleased that everyone chipped in to make this happen. He would also be pleased that I did his famous, shockingly sudden/loud, “HEY!” and scared the shit out of people in the clubhouse bar.

Additional photos from the event are posted in .

Guitar Factory Tour/Experience PRS 2012 in Stevensville, Maryland

in Stevensville, Maryland. For the past six years, Paul Reed Smith’s guitar company has thrown a multi-day party celebrating music and the artists that endorse PRS equipment. This was my first year attending and I will definitely be attending future PRS Experiences! The first thing I was excited about was visiting a guitar factory in the United States. Companies get a bad wrap for outsourcing just about everything these days, but a good chunk of PRS equipment is made and designed right here in America. The factory itself is immaculate and very organized. It’s obvious much pride is taken in the work they do. The various woods throughout the factory also make it smell really good!

Two pieces of scrap wood that I stained. The scrap is a result of trimming down a larger block of mahogany and maple that have been glued together.

Of course the factory tour is just one of the many things to check out at PRS Experience. There are various areas set up throughout the premises to watch artist jam, record tracks with a professional audio engineer, purchase guitars from dealers, or eat great food from local vendors. I didn’t take too many photos because I wanted to soak up everything the old fashioned way with the lenses built into my head.