The Downrights @鸿博彩票网址 10th Street Live in Kenilworth, New Jersey

Photographing bands is an exciting way to have a night out and “work” at the same time. are local and I think they have the goods. My ears are still ringing two days later and the last time that happened was at Ozzfest in the late 1990s. The amps were cranked to 11 that night!

Everyone was having a lot of fun on and off stage. It also changed my opinion of Kenilworth, New Jersey because I used to think there was absolutely nothing to do in that place.

Just Announced: GoPro HD HERO3 Black Edition

Pretty exciting news from GoPro this morning. They’re packing even more punch into their already amazing little camera. I like that they’re also keeping their $200.00 base price intact and tiering the products from that point. Smart thinking! For those still using the GoPro HD HERO2, they just released an amazing firmware update to improve the bit rate for video and also overall image quality.


GoPro HD HERO2 Firmware Update

for one of my favorite tools. The GoPro HD HERO2 is always in my gear bag. But it has never shot at 24fps and the quality is less than what my Canon 7D can produce. However, the 7D is a more powerful device. Now it looks as though the GoPro is going to be able to compete big time!


  • High Quality Image Capture
  • Protunes’s 35Mbps data rate provides less compressed cinema quality image giving content creators more flexibility in post production.
  • Neutral Color
  • Protunes neutral color profile offers more flexibility during post production color correction. Protunes log curve captures more detail in shadows and highlight.
  • Film/TV Frame Rate Standard
  • Now record video in 24FPS and easily intercut GoPro content with other source media without needing to perform FPS conversion.

DIE HARD with John McClane – The 007 of Plainfield, New Jersey

It’s not every day that a huge action hero says he’s from Plainfield, New Jersey. This is said at the 1:00 mark in the trailer. I wonder if McClane was born at Muhlenberg Hospital? Forgive me for being so excited about the small details in an action movie, but McClane has always been the “every man” action hero. He gets the shit kicked out of him in every movie and still manages to defeat angry German terrorists. All the DIE HARD movies are great and they always have classic story lines with a ton of explosions. There was a time when action movies like this were plentiful.