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I will be launching a new version of this web site on January 1, 2013. It will be quite a change from what you see now.

In addition to the new site, all of my work is being looked at and organized into a reel. One part of that reel will feature my photographs. A little tease never hurt anyone, so I am posting the photography portion now. Here’s to a great new year!


Wedding Photography

I love photographing weddings. Because wedding photography is a very intimate relationship between myself and the couple, I like to shoot a few weddings per month. That keeps me fresh and yields photographs that will make your heart sing. Destination weddings are also welcome.

Pricing information can always be found on the pricing page of my site.

Here a few of my favorite shots from I have photographed.

鸿博彩票网址Sztybel wedding photograph collage

Comic Book Afterlife Sandy Relief

A lot of it simply isn’t there anymore. Houses that weren’t leveled by the hurricane will eventually be reduced to rubble from flood damage. The pictures we see of the damage cannot fully measure the impact. Do whatever you can to support the coast. I personally stand by  and their grassroots movement of raising at least $10,000.00. The money will go to the areas that need it most. If you donate to something like The Red Cross, that money can be squandered. I remember specific stories back in 2001 when The Red Cross was using funds to help the rich move after they lost family members in the World Trade Center. That didn’t leave a good taste in my mouth.



Photo Shoot at Blair’s Sauces & Snacks Headquarters

I’ve been working with Blair Lazar for many years and recently did a photo shoot in his brand spanking new office in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. The old office was downstairs and had been hit by several floods in its 20 years. Blair finally had enough and built an amazing space upstairs. Totally new. Totally custom. The sink looks like a chili pepper!

His pride and joy in the office, besides his awesome team behind Death Sauce, is a glass sliding door that was etched by hand. Really impressive piece of work to say the least. All of the different layers and textures absolutely blows your mind when you see it up close. It’s a THICK door, too. This isn’t dinky etching you see on the front door of a lawyer鸿博彩票网址’s office.

Y’all Ball In Stores Now!

toy line. They are giant inflatable balls with stretchy heavy duty material on the outside. The shoot was a lot of fun and I brought my energy level up to facilitate the kids. Honestly they are easier to work with than most full-sized adults.

Lindsay and I visited Times Square on our annual trip to commemorate our engagement. When we entered the Toys R Us, the Ya’All Ball display was front and center. I always freak out when I see a project I worked on “in the wild”. Below are three packages that used my photography.

鸿博彩票网址Y'all Ball packaging

鸿博彩票网址Y'all Ball packaging

鸿博彩票网址Y'all Ball packaging

Vampiress Attacks! Happy Halloween, Everybody!

Great photo shoot to celebrate Halloween and my love for horror movies. There have been great vampire movies and there have been vampire movies that depict the undead nightcrawlers as the most pitiful characters in the movie. Stake through the heart. Garlic. Seeing if they have a reflection. Sparkling in the daylight. If you are a believer in the last one, you may stop reading and proceed to never read anything I post here ever again.

Models: Andrea Hoch & Vincent Meli
Makeup: Karen Buttacavole
Hair: Jessica Cleaver

Want more?

Hurricane Sandy Zombie Apocalypse

鸿博彩票网址Developing black and white film in my sink during Hurricane Sandy

鸿博彩票网址Developing black and white film in my sink during Hurricane Sandy

…final scan of a medium format black & white negative.

At night we burned as many candles as we could find. Leftover beer and snacks from our annual Halloween party helped the night along.


At one point we stopped at the local supermarket and they had absolutely no meat or dairy. Bizarre to witness. They either sold out prior to the storm or threw it all away because they couldn’t be kept cold without power.

鸿博彩票网址Absolutely no fresh meat here, folks!

鸿博彩票网址No dairy left. Come back when there's power.

Cabin fever was setting in so it was time to take a little drive. I fueled up prior to the hurricane, so we didn’t drive around in a panic.

Lindsay and I made a variety of ridiculously unhealthy meals for the past few days. I think the healthiest meal was peanut butter & jelly sandwiches on whole grain bread. Filling. Not too salty. When we finally left the house on Halloween, we traveled to Clark, NJ and had lunch at . This place is fantastic on a normal day and THE BEST MEAL EVER CONSUMED after being stuck inside for three days.

The photo of the PSE&G guy sitting at the lunch counter really sums up how exhausted and hungry everyone must feel trying to fix this mess. Good luck to everyone out there and remember to stay safe! There’s still a lot of power lines on the brink of coming down from excessive damage to the poles.