Adventures in Wintery Warwick, New York

, New Paltz, and . We stayed at the and the hospitality was top notch as usual! Some of my favorite photos are toward the bottom. I stood out in the freezing cold determined to photograph the Orion constellation. It was a cloudy night, so it was a bit tricky!

Our Wedding at Shadowbrook in Shrewsbury, New Jersey

Today is the one year anniversary of our wedding. Planning our wedding was a lot of fun and hard work. So many thanks go out to all the people that helped us along the way! I think we spent just about every waking hour planning some aspect of the wedding.

It took a while to find talented people that also meshed with our personalities. I particularly had to find a photographer and videographer that really won me over. Jen Rutherford handled the photography and Rob Villano handled the videography. Very professional and easy to work with. Absolutely no worries.

鸿博彩票网址Wedding cake sculpture/topper by Christopher John Sztybel

One of my favorite pieces to create was the cake topper which we ended up putting near the cake instead of on top of it. This was the first time I had seriously sculpted anything since high 鸿博彩票. I used air drying clay and coated it with a water based polymer to give it strength. (I made a smart decision by minimizing the amount of branches on the tree. It would have been much too difficult to move without worries on the day of the wedding.) A nice side effect of the polymer was that it gave the tree an icey appearance! The snow was added toward the of the project as a final touch.

All of the print pieces were designed by us and used the “GrekoDeko” and “Hightower” fonts throughout for consistency. We wanted everything to have a nice, classy appearance that would compliment the feeling of Shadowbrook.

鸿博彩票网址Our wedding invitation and RSVP cardIt was great to break out the comping skills to make prototypes for Lindsay. The invitations themselves went through several revisions. Originally we were going to do a black invitation, but it was too cost prohibitive to print on black paper. Luckily, I planned ahead in case that happened. The design was solid and looked just as good inverted.

if you are tired of the same old crap at weddings.

Valentine’s Day Shoot for Bay’s Style Diary

. It also happens to be Valentine’s Day and she brought balloons and other lovely trinkets to use as props. Our shoot began at in Freehold, New Jersey and we wrapped up the shoot in downtown Freehold. !

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The Wedding of Lindsey Clark & David Wind at Pantagis Renaissance in Scotch Plains, New Jersey

I challenged myself to be both a guest and cinematographer for Lindsey and Dave’s wedding. That can be a tricky thing to accomplish. I didn’t have an assistant or second cinematographer, so I set cameras up at different angles to give me enough footage to work with. Everything from the rehearsal dinner to the reception was filmed on a Canon 7D as well as a Canon 5D MKII using a wide variety of EF lenses. The wonderful rehearsal dinner was held at in Plainfield, NJ with the ceremony/reception at in Scotch Plains, NJ. I am very pleased with the results and the little touches thrown in to make this a very special wedding film.

Sit back, relax and enjoy The Wedding of Lindsey Clark & David Wind.

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Filmed and edited by Christopher John Sztybel

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