Duke Farms Nature Walk

. The grounds are the old Duke estate that Doris Duke once owned. That was also a potential candidate for Duke University. Now it is a lovely nature preserve with many acres to explore. Since Boogs was using my , I brought along my Mamiya medium format film camera. All of the images below are scans done using a .

The landscape around the wooded areas of the farms is still pretty torn up from Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy from back in November 2012. Many of the trees are still snapped in half while others lay on the ground in various stages of removal.

We lasted about an hour because it was cold and windy, but it will be warm soon and the landscape will become colorful once again.

The Comeback of Classical Elegance in Weddings

– these elements create an entirety to accentuate a theme that has been a constant choice and is a comeback trend for weddings as well as other events, the Classical Elegance. “Classical Elegance is timeless and is making its way back into the forefront of weddings around the world. The clean, crisp, and detailed elements of such theme captivate the eye and display an overwhelming sense of romance,” as defined in a blog by Calluna Events.

The Standard of Romance

When talk of romance is opened, one destination that would usually be mentioned is Paris, France. Imposing as it may seem, the country鸿博彩票网 of France is in fact almost always equated to symbols of passion, love, and amoré. To have a better understanding of the country鸿博彩票网, an immersive experience would be suggested. Passion has been derived even in events that are not directed to “matters of the heart”, whether its celebrity-filled events like the Festival de Cannes or sporting events like the World Poker Tour Grand Prix Paris. Looking into the details of these events, what makes them more attractive in comparison to other countries’ festivities is the fact that the locations emanate an atmosphere of passionate gusto, a strong desire. Simple activities like poker for example, become more grandiose and celebrated with more fervor because of where they are held. The success of organized poker tour events is attributed of course to the organization’s passion to advocate the card game to an official sport, but in addition, such events when held in Paris or in Cannes, create more hype because of the region’s repertoire in being places that signify ardor and much zeal. Take these elements in and incorporate them into events, whether competitions like poker, or momentous occasions like weddings, and you get the classical elegance with a vibe of full blown romance.

Incorporating, not Overpowering

“The simple yet elegant details such as beading on the back of a gown or the subtle makeup help to create the classical French inspired look of an elegant wedding. Capturing the little details of a classical elegant wedding can be attained through incorporating the modern trends within this romantic wedding theme,” a precise statement from Calluna Events. It’s in the minute details incorporated with modern trends that will make for a classic elegant theme to work. It’s a simple rule, overdoing it will just engulf your audience, your guests, to just sheer clutter instead of inculcating the Parisian aura.

Whether you’ll be on a honeymoon to Paris or just have the Parisian them, to conclude, keep this statement by – in mind, “Ask about an ideal wedding and they’re likely to mention something that sufficiently reflects them as a couple. What they really want is to send their guests into the night, shaking their heads in impressed awe and wonder at the sheer fabulosity of it all.”

Queensrÿche LIVE at Bergen Performing Arts Center in Englewood, New Jersey

. Their boxed set has been in my car for over a decade. In the past year they fired Geoff Tate as lead singer. Enter Todd La Torre. First of all Todd has an awesome attitude and I never doubted his ability. I knew the band wouldn’t get anyone to be their new vocalist.

There is a certain magic a band has to have with the audience. I have seen a lot of my favorite acts, but I can’t say they all had chemistry with the audience. However, the Queensryche now has full involvement from the audience. We are singing and throwing up fists like it’s the first time.

Queensryche has marched on and I am super excited for their new album this summer. All new tunes by one of the greatest bands of all time. Below are some photos I shot for their March 8, 2013 performance at the Bergen Performing Arts Center in Englewood, New Jersey. MASSIVE THANK YOU goes out to Kevin Chiaramonte for getting me a photo pass and ticket to the show. He made one my biggest wishes come true.

Throw the horns up and relive the night I photographed the mighty !

Engagement Session with Rachel and Robb at Rutgers Gardens

is a sprawling landscape of different species of trees and flowers. Even though it’s ten minutes from my house, I still have yet to see the entire grounds. We visited the , a small creek and the log cabin. It wasn’t the warmest day, but I work with troopers who know I will deliver the goods. Congratulations to Rachel and Robb!

Portraits of Musician Kieran Tintle

kicked off with a drop cloth background in my living room. As we waited for the rain to taper off, we ran off a few shots. I made use of the tan wall to bounce light back onto him. Artificial tan. Since we had a relaxed schedule, I shot both digital and film. The look of film still has a lot of appeal to me and I say that it keeps me sharp. You can’t run off 100 shots on a roll of 120 film. The particular camera I use produces 15 shots per roll and every shot must be carefully thought out.

Our locations included my living room, Old Queen’s College鸿博彩票 (Rutgers), Harris Steel and a playground. Kieran was a very good sport because the rain picked up at times and it wasn’t exactly warm out.