A Busy Day at Rice’s Market in New Hope, Pennsylvania

I did at Rice’s back in early February 2013. That’s search optimization, kiddies!

Lauren asked if I could come out and capture a day in the life of Rice’s Market. All of the sights to be had from a variety of vendors and customers that flood the field each week. Rice’s also encourages people to bring their dogs. What a great day! I finished off the afternoon by having a chili dog on a sunny bench next to their concession barn. No photos of that though. Sometimes it’s better to put down the camera and enjoy the moment for what it is.

Portraits of Illustrator Lorraine Dey

is an exceptionally talented artist. Her work has been featured on products sold at major retailers and she has illustrated children’s books such as and . She is also one heck of a nice person and makes a mean chicken salad. For Lorraine’s portraits we made great use of her lovely 鸿博彩票网址 studio, backyard and local marshlands minutes from her 鸿博彩票网址 studio.

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

A very exciting announcement was made at in Las Vegas, Nevada this week. Blackmagic Design announced two ridiculously affordable cinema cameras. One is a pocket cinema camera which will accept Micro 4/3 (MFT) lenses and uses SD cards to save the data. Very compact and you get the power of RAW. That means you will be able to adjust highlights, shadows and white balance to your liking AFTER you have recorded.

The other camera announced is the brand new . It will retail for $4,000.00 and that’s an unbelievable price. RED was rumored, many years ago, to be working on a 4K camera for $4,000.00. It never happened! Once again Blackmagic makes jaws drop across the world with their innovative and affordable technology.

Baseball Photo Shoot With The Downrights

) When I do a shoot with musicians we have a special way of turning things to gold. The ideas are flowing before I get there and get better as the day progresses. Creative people inspire other creative people! When we got to 10th Street Live there was a performance running long inside the club. I always have several backup plans. I knew we’d be able to use the loading dock area and exterior of the building. What I didn’t realize was that there was a very colorful mural on one side of the building. Another happy accident was a very old Volkswagen van in the parking lot.

Rock n’roll and baseball go together like bread and butter. The bread and butter of this day out with The Downrights includes some traditional photographs as well as some crazy composites I created using multiple exposures of each band member. In my very best Ed Sullivan voice “Ladies and gentlemen…THE DOWNRIGHTS!”