Lakota Wolf Preserve

has to be one of the coolest day trips we’ve been on in a long time. The wolves all know their names and howl when you call them. It made me think about how awesome it is that they have such great caretakers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED trip. I took a few photos, but not too many because I found myself staring at these amazing animals.

From the Lakota Wolf Preserve site:

“Enjoy a scenic walk to the Lakota Wolf Preserve observing the many forms of local wildlife along the way. Upon arrival at the Preserve you will be invited to the observation area, in the center of four packs of wolves. During our informal talks with the people who raised and care for the wolves you will learn about the social structure of wolf packs, their eating habits, their interaction with man and many other interesting facts. We will try to educate you on the true behavior of the wolf and will be glad to answer any questions you may have. While in the observation area you will be able to watch the wolves play, interact with each other and maybe even hear them howl.”