Nim Vind Photo Shoot @鸿博彩票网址 Brighton Bar

performance! THE GERSH informed me they’d be in town so I set up a quick photo shoot before the show started. It’s a real pleasure to talk to these guys and they bleed music. I also stayed to enjoy their very excellent musicianship and photographed the LIVE show. Nothing but pure performance chops on display throughout the entire set. Thanks to Lynn Robnett for getting me into the show and rounding up the troops to shoot. High fives all around and here’s to the future of rock and roll!

Brenda and Jon at The University of Delaware

 Nice random fact, right? We got together on a hot Sunday afternoon on campus for a session celebrating their relationship and some of the landmarks of UDEL. There have been many great improvements to the 鸿博彩票 such as a building for their music program. Jon went off the MIDI-grid and played some traditional piano for Brenda. He was really getting into it, but stopped short of playing with his elbows and feet Jerry Lee Lewis style. Thank you to both Brenda and Jon for spending some time in front of the lens. Also a big thanks to John Lauritsen for coming out to assist and shoot a bit.