Operation Shower at The Barclays in Jersey City, New Jersey

Hummingbird Captured With Holga Camera

comes with me on trips to help me concentrate on composition. Low tech to say the least. This one has a flash which is a really big deal for a Holga. A maximum of 16 shots for a 120 roll of film. Tons of patience required to make this shot happen. I pre-focused on the bird feeder so I was ready once a hummingbird came into frame. It would be there for two seconds and then vanish into the sky.

New Brunswick National Night Out Event Photography

) earlier this week to see how I could use my photography powers for good and not evil. Evil photography is not something I am into. Just so happens that there are tons of things happening in New Brunswick, New Jersey such as New Brunswick National Night Out. This is an event where residents and organizations come together in parks across the city to get the word out about day to day life. This includes making residents aware of topics such as fair wages and basic rights afforded to citizens. Plus, who doesn’t like running around the local park eating Italian ice and cotton candy? Show of hands please! Higher! HIGHER!

Enjoy these photographs from New Brunswick Night Out and let’s keep summer going. Until the first blizzard sometime in early October, right?