Rutgers University Dance Team

It’s extremely important for me to ask each dancer questions before composing their shot, especially if it’s multi-flash and they will be moving across the frame. Know how to count. The dancers appreciate it and it will make getting THE shot a lot easier.

鸿博彩票网址Rutgers University Dance Team
All of the dancers together.


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鸿博彩票网址Cassie Yeung
Cassie Yeung
鸿博彩票网址Cassidy Ritter
Cassidy Ritter
鸿博彩票网址Autumn Winter
Autumn Winter
鸿博彩票网址Andrea Hoch
Andrea Hoch
鸿博彩票网址Samantha Ritter
Samantha Ritter
鸿博彩票网址Emily Bleich
Emily Bleich
鸿博彩票网址Shannon Dolan
Shannon Dolan